Дома Динамика Different beers for different groups of people
Different beers for different groups of people

Agust now, it’s the beer season. In this season especially in summer night, there is nothing more appropriate than the beer drinks.

Whether drink alone as appropriate leisure, or gather enthusiasm Carnival, people's desire for a beer more like innate nature, and beer collide summer's joys abound.

Light beer flowers filled every nerve in our brain, are you ready to gulp down a big cup of cold beer ? But different beers for different groups of people.  Do you know the secret ? Small series to reveal for you below.

Draft beer: also known as draught beer, beer without sterilization and has a unique flavor, but it is not easy to store.  It is a pure and natural wine, no coloring, no preservatives, no sugar, do not add any flavor. It is usually injected directly from the production line fully enclosed in stainless steel beer kegs, just before drinking beer infused with carbon dioxide. This avoids the direct contact with the air, make the beer tastes more fresh and more pure.The majority of consumers of all ages like to drink it. Because live yeast in the wine after filling, even can still continue with the biochemical reactions in the body, this wine is easy to make people fat, more suitable for thin people.

Cooked beer: ordinary beer need to be sterilized, a beer  after sterilizing is named a cooked beer. Because the wine yeast is killed by high temperature, do not continue to ferment, so it has well  stabilit, is more appropriate to fat people.

Dry beer: this kind of beer comes out of wine but with different sugar concentration. Common beer will have a certain amount of residual sugar, but this beer  using special yeast remaining sugar continues to ferment, sugar falls below a certain concentration, it is called dry beer. For people fear of getting fat and people with diabetes to drink. Of course, people with diabetes still don't drink.

Beer without yeast : using special process let yeast not to ferment the sugar only produce aroma substances, in addition to alcohol, it has various characteristics of the wine, tastes good and smells good.  For ordinary beer the alcoholicity is around 3.5%, without yeast beer alcohollicity is below 1%. It is not said that it  had no alcohol content. This beer is light beer, and its saccharified wort concentration and alcoholicity is lower than low fermentation beers, so it is very suitable for women, children and sick to drink.

Sports beer: ordinary people drinking water for hydrating, for athletes not only lose water, but also lose many trace elements in the body, according to the health condition of athletes, sports beers joined  trace elements and nutrients what athletes need. sports beer is to recuperate health after the match was over. It is special for people to replenish lost nutrients after doing sports .