Дома Промышленность

Draft taps in hotel

Hotel mainly offers visitors accommodation service, also offer visitors facilities and places for dining, gaming, entertainment, shopping and business center, banquet and meeting. Beer tower is obbligato in a top grade hotel. The below tips should be specially paid attention to when selecting beer towers used in hotels.

Draft taps in wine cellar

In General, large shopping malls, bars and hotels should have their own wine cellar as a place for storing wine. Due to the special wine storage air humidity, ambient temperature, shock, stack, location and other requirements are particularly high, the selecting of beer taps for the wine cellar needs to pay attention to these tips below:

Residential Beer Dispenser

With the development of time, living standards, as well as beer culture, people have higher demand for the beer.Because of cultural differences, people in many places still drink bottled beer,or use simple beer dispenser (drill a hole in the barrel and install taps on them, then wrap beer into kraft paper bags), it’s neither beautiful nor healthy.

Outddoor using draft taps

Picnic--as a healthy, natural lifestyle is common in the world. For some countries who loves wine as life, beer is a good choice. So, how to choose beer taps for picnic ?

Bar beer dispenser

Bar offers alcoholic beverages to consumers such as beer, grape wine, imported wine,cocktail and so on, it is an elegant entertainment place where the social elites gathering. Where there is beer there is beer dispenser of Ruishen.