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Outddoor using draft taps
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Picnic--as a healthy, natural lifestyle is common in the world.  For some countries who loves wine as life, beer is a good choice. So, how to choose beer taps for picnic ?

Meilanke’s 6081 series plastic beer tap is  a very suitable one for picnic. This product is mainly composed of PP and processed  in injection molding, with colorless and tasteless food grade plastic as its’ raw material, contributing to light weight, easy to carry, large volume and suitable for more than one person.

Product structure is simple, just open the lid on top of beer taps and  pour the beer into can while using.

Because this product is made of plastic, please stay away from high temperatures while using it avoiding products’ deformation and combustion.

This product can be used repeatedly, the raw materials can be recycled reused after damage.